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Madrid Dog Friendly: the top 100 addresses to enjoy the city with your pup

Madrid Dog Friendly: the top 100 addresses to enjoy the city with your pup

Última actualización del articulo el día 19/10/2016

I dislike seeing scenes like the one in the photo below. Specially because in Madrid it's possible to find great bars and restaurants that are dog friendlyand, really, thereis no need to leave your dog alone in the street. If this photo annoys you too then... go ahead and enjoy Madrid like a local, like a local dog ownerwith our freshly minted Madrid Dog Friendly guide. It's available for digital download in Amazon & the iTunes Store too :-)

We’ve personally tried out and selected the best dog friendly restaurants and bistros in town, the cafés and bars where one can enjoy a delicious cake or a proper Gin & Tonic, the shops where you can find Spanish fashion or presents for other dog lovers, even hairdressers or art galleries where pets are welcome… and lots more.

Each dog friendly spot is illustrated by a colour photo (Colega, of course, is the model) and a full description, and there are also maps to guide your walks in the city.

In this guide you will also find all the practical details that your travel agent probably doesn’t have a clue about: off leash hours and areas, how to use public transport when you are with a dog, where to find 24 hour veterinary clinics if you need to…

Madrid Dog Friendly is an alternative and fun way to discover the town, a happier version of any other tourist guide.

¿Why? Because dogs are happiest when they can be with their humans. And their owners are usually happier –one might say they are even better people- when their dog is close by.

Happy strolling!

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