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La banda sonora perfecta para el viernes: ¡Gracias por ser mi perro!

La banda sonora perfecta para el viernes: ¡Gracias por ser mi perro!

Última actualización del articulo el día 31/01/2020

Una canción simpática, llena de humor y amor por los perros, un tema al que han puesto imágenes felices... ¿qué más se puede pedir? Bueno sí, que apagues el ordenador o dejes el móvil tras escucharlo ¡y salgas a disfrutar del finde junto a tu can!

Los SrsPerros con ritmo van a salvar el mundo, eso ya lo han dejado claro. Y la música también puede ser una manera genial de fomentar las adopciones.

En este caso con que nos alegren el viernes, ya vamos por buen camino. Esta canción no va a encabezar la lista de las más escuchadas pero... hace sonreír :-)

Por si queréis cantar en plan karaoke:

Think of those rainy afternoons in the muck and in the mire,
I wouldn’t have had the abandon to splash about.
Think of those winter days I could have been vegetating by the fire
instead of getting my snow boots on to take you out.
You are a mystery in an enigma in a big ball of fur.
An irresistible magnet to every child and flea and burr.
Your nose is high resolution while I live in a near-scentless fog.
You run at high sped while I just have to slog,
But it’s a good old slog…
So I just gotta thank you for being my dog.
I just gotta thank you for being my four-footed crazy creature.
Thank you for being my dog,
I just gotta thank you for being my dog…
You know where you’re heading, there’s garbage ready for shredding.
That’ll teach me for letting you follow your nose around.
You’re escaping into the alley, ‘cause there’s peanut butter and jelly
in a week-old sandwich smeared along the ground.
Without you, I would surely have overlooked this, so what can I do but thank you?
Think of the sunny summer trails I would have missed completely.
Probably stayed at work and pushed those computer keys.
Think of the way I’m fitter than the out-of-breath creature I would have been
if not for the constant walking to community message centres on poles and trees.
You’ve got it made, you live the life and all I can do is be
your escort and butler and chef and maid, but it isn’t slavery.
In fact, I’m so dedicated my friends all say that I’ve slipped a cog,
except for the ones who own a quadruped analogue…
And they understand when I thank you for being my dog.
It’s and excellent vocation to be a slightly simple furry genius.
Thank you for being my dog.
What can I do but thank you for being one of those…
Classic canine fellows, whiplash tail attached to a bellows.
Did I mention that amazing smell-nose that you twitch?
‘Cause you hear every word that I say, and understand and disobey,
because you know the important thing is to scratch that itch.
Whatever that itch is, that’s where the zen is.
Teach me to be that spontaneous - Hmm, or maybe not.
Maybe I’ll just keep letting you specialize in that dog thing,
but still I want to thank you, for the wonderful job you do of being a…
Digitigrade, quadruped, omnivorous, carnivorous, pizzivorous,
creature with a friendly head.
I wanna feed that head.
Have I been programmed?
Who’s got who on the leash around here, anyway?
Oh, I don’t wanna think about that…
But I’ll thank you for being my dog. I just gotta thank you for being my dog.
Now what more can you ask?
Now, don’t give me that big-eyed look!
Can’t stand it any more…
Oh hell, have another pizza crust.
(Thank you…)
Why not?
(for being my dog.)

¡Gracias SrsPerros por alegrarnos la vida!